about us

From many years now, the issue of sustainable design is central in Materiavera's research. The center borns in 2004 and continue the work that Centro Bioedile and Tupa started in the 80's, the former in the field of organic materials for architecture, the last in the furniture division. Materiavera's mission is to design choosing shapes able to bring beauty and freshness in our world, by using natural materials, in respect of man, environment, nature. Living, thinking, designing in a sustainable way means being aware that everyone of us and any our choice is linked to the rest of the universe that surrounds us and to whom we belong. Materiavera wants to spread a new way for the union architecture-nature-sustainability, for a better future.

In the magic space inside of a secret Milan, Materiavera leads different professional fields:
- design office for organic architecture;
- show room for exhibition and sale of natural materials and ecological furniture;
- courses and seminars about green building and design culture.

Materiavera sells and introduces in its projects natural materials dedicated to create wellness, comfort and healthcare. Some examples: furniture made by solid wood without toxic glues or coatings; lime plasters and raw earth; cork; natural oils and vegetable paints; tadelakt and stucco.

For its clients Materiavera selects the best craftsmen, expert at using these materials and the particular techniques they require.

Materiavera gives to those designers and artists with a philosophy based on sustainability the opportunity to present their work in meetings and exhibitions.